Tank transport

Transported goods are as follows: milk and dairy products, e.g. cream, buttermilk and whey; then wine, beer and brewer’s yeast, fruit juices, musts and concentrates; chocolate, liquid sugar and fructose, vinegar and also particularly various kinds of food oils, like rape, sunflower, soya, palm, coconut.

The vehicles are equipped with compressors, which can be used for offloading of goods on places, where they are not equipped with e.g. their own pump. During this offloading air is blown from a special compressor into the tank through a food bacterial filter and the material can be offloaded without problems almost anywhere.

The tanks are modern 3 chamber, pressure tanks with an ATP certificate. The chamber capacity varies, but mostly the tanks have these chambers (12,500, 6,000, 13,500 litres) and therefore the total capacity of 30-33 thousand liters. Each chamber is equipped with its own outlet. They all lead to the back side of the tank where they are placed in a stainless lockable box.

We have also tanks equipped with independent transport heating, which allows to keep required temperature of the product according to customer wishes for the whole time of the transport, e.g. chocolate or some kinds of food oils. And also food pumps at 380 V, for unloading thick fluids such as sugars, fructose, molasses, etc. (to a density 80 Brix.)


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